Using a Foam Machine and Tips for a Successful Foam Party

A foam party is a famous party style that gets people of all ages excited. It is a great option for any celebration, from birthdays to reunions, graduations, and more. Although this type of party includes most of the same elements that a regular party would such as music, games, drinks, and dancing, a foam party is hosted with the dance floor and other surfaces covered in soapy bubbles. This setting gets people into party mode quickly.

When planning a foam party, here are things to keep in mind to ensure its success:

Decide where to Hold the Foam Party

When picking a foam party venue, you must consider the time of year, age of party-goers, number of guests, and the venue’s resistance to water. If you are hosting a foam part in summer, you can have it outdoors so you don’t have much mess to clean up later and avoid the risk of water damage. Just pick a hard surface like a driveway or patio for the party. If you are hosting a kids’ foam party, consider adding a bouncy castle as it offers a way to contain the bubbles in a closed-off area and provides children with a safe environment for jumping and playing without the risk of slipping.  A suitable indoor venue should be sought if you are hosting the party in winter.

Prepare All the Essentials

Of course, you will need a foam machine for your party. Although you may be able to make your own foam without a machine, the machine is easier and far less messy. You can rent one from a local supplier or online. Also, you will need a big plastic sheet to cover the entire ground.

Make sure to cover all electrical sockets and plugs and set up any speakers or DJ equipment well away from the foam pit. Also, use plastic lawn chairs and tables as they don’t get damaged by the foam.

Keep Safety in Mind

The majority of foam parties just use dish soap because it tends to foam up very well. But, it can causes rashes and irritation in people with sensitive skin. And if dish soap gets into people’s eyes, it can burn or sting. The best option is to use a hypoallergenic soap or a mild shower soap or bath foam. Moreover, advise your guests to wear shoes. These are ideal in wet and slippery conditions instead of flip flops.