How To Properly Organise A Bucks Party

If you’ve found yourself suddenly in charge of a Bucks party, it can be daunting. You will be hosting the largest party of the Groom’s life, and creating memories with his friends for years to come. Although it may seem like a large task, there are some ways to simplify the process as outlined below.

Chat To The Groom

If you do things traditionally, the event should be a complete surprise for the groom. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get some additional information from him.

Here’s some of the advice the groom will need to give you:

  • The list of people to invite: make sure you double-check your guest list with the Groom, you may not know all his friends or how he feels about everyone, so it’s a good idea to check.
  • People’s quirks: now that you have the guest list, check with the groom if anyone has dietary needs or quirks, such as being against strippers or religious views.
  • What he likes: you can ask the groom in general terms if there’s anything specific he wants and still keep things under wraps.
  • Anything he doesn’t like: if there’s anything the groom just doesn’t want you to do, it’s wise to know before the party.

Talk To The Groomsmen

Now that you have a general idea from the groom, talk to the groomsmen to come up with any additional ideas they may have. This is also where you can start to put together a budget. Usually for Bucks Parties’ the Groomsmen or the Groom’s family pay, but sometimes the Groom will also foot the bill.

Get Quotes From Venues & Entertainment

Now that you have an idea of the theme and style of the party, you can start contacting various venues and entertainment options for the party.  You will want multiple quotes before you make a decision, and make sure that all your guests can fit and that they can all be catered to. When it comes to the entertainment you should go with the best strippers in Perth, so you can make sure the entertainment is memorable too.

Send Out Invites

Now that you have the people, place and entertainment organised, it’s time to send out invitations to the guest list. Make sure to clearly state when and how to RSVP, so you can have final numbers down the track. You may also need to follow up with certain guests, so be prepared to make some phone calls.

Follow Up Before The Event

This is an important step, but before the date, there will be a lot of things to follow up with, as follows:

  • Follow up with everyone contributing to the cost for the Bucks Party
  • Follow up with the venues and entertainment to make sure no details have changed.
  • Follow up with any catering you organised and update if they need to add or change the menu.
  • Follow up with guests coming to have final numbers.

By making sure that things aren’t changing too much before the day, you can head to the event with a lot less stress. Sometimes, your guest list may expand or reduce drastically before the event, but you should be able to communicate this to other parties swiftly to change catering orders and the like.

Enjoy Yourself

On the day of the Bucks party, you have now earned the right to let loose and have a great time with everyone else. There are bound to be very few issues on the day, so have a good time and enjoy your entertainment from Charlie’s Angels.