Charity Team Building Events Create Meaningful Corporate Parties

It is almost that time of year when companies host their annual staff parties. Some companies go to escape rooms or hold gag gift parties, but we found that the best party is one that incorporates charity into the theme as well as soft skills building.

Corporate events jersey like conferences, conventions, summits, and workshops are often the first time that an organization gets to meet their customers or clients.

Most company parties are just about goofing off and getting a prize, but what if this time you had fun and you gave away some of your free time as a volunteer? What if this time you learned new skills that you could incorporate into your everyday work life?

So when putting the task of hosting charity team building events teams will create a lifelong memory of the good they have done through their party. Closer bonds will form as your team will do something meaningful and rewarding as they give back. On top of that, you might help someone who didn’t have it so good and be hoping something good would happen to them or someone they knew.

Types of charity team building include assembling bikes for children who have parents who have fallen upon hard times. Then there’s feeding the poor for the holidays and donating to provide meals or stocking up local food pantries with fun activities like miniature golf course building with your co-workers.

While some companies are out at a fine restaurant telling jokes, playing video games, having silly quizzes, and giving prizes to their employees…your team could be renting out a hotel room to put on an event that could be stuffing backpacks for kids who need back to school supplies, putting together military appreciate care kits, making packages for children in the hospital so they have something to cuddle with or keep them occupied while they rest in their hospital bed.

There are even more ideas, helping people who adopt pets to be rewarded with a getting started care kit with things a pet might need like leashes, bedding, food, collars, toys, kitty litter, etc.

These parties can also teach your teams at the same time to learn how to work with each other better by learning interpersonal skills, communication skills, and some leadership development skills. People who may not have been given the chance to know their co-workers will appreciate learning how to honor each other’s personality type in the workplace as well as everyday life skills with their families or people they meet on the street.

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