The Primary Differences of Indoor vs Outdoor Paintball

Paintball is becoming a very popular intense sport, which provides extreme and fast-paced gameplay. You have to be lightning quick when making decisions if you’re already on the battlefield. Aside from that, it’s an overall fun game you can play with your group of friends. In fact, many people are playing paintball as a way to celebrate their birthday with friends. So it’s no surprise that many people love paintball and are starting to consider it as a hobby. Sooner or later, paint ball sydney facilities will be filled with paintball enthusiasts.

When it comes to playing paintball, you can either play outdoor or indoor. Some people prefer outdoor paintball, while there are also people who love to play paintball indoor. Thankfully, both facilities are available everywhere. In reality, both facilities provide their own benefits and offer their own experiences. And it largely depends on the people that are playing. So what are the various differences between outdoor and indoor fields? Which is better? Let’s find out here!

Difference Between the Fields When it Comes to Space

The size of the fields will depend on how wide the facility owner can afford to rent or buy. But playing at indoor paintball facilities will limit the player’s footprint. That’s because indoor facilities are not as large-scale as outdoor fields, where players can hide anywhere they want. They can use the natural elements to their advantage too. For example, there are different kinds of terrains and woody areas to use as a cover.

In general, indoor paintball facilities requires a lot of space, which leaves players who are not playing little room to stay at. On the other hand, outdoor facilities are a lot wider and can even double the space compared to indoor facilities.

Difference When it Comes to Cleanliness

Outdoor facilities are considered cleaner because elements wash away paintball goop with the rain. In addition, most paintballs are eco-friendly and biodegradable for outdoor use. However, indoor paintball facilities have a hard time cleaning up the paintball goops since they are not washed away by rain. And outdoor fields will give the players all the traction they need without having to worry about slipping due to the slick surface that paintball goops leave behind in indoor facilities.

Difference In Terms of Weather

Indoor paintball facilities will always have an advantage when it comes to the weather. Let’s say it’s raining hard and you want to enjoy a good game of paintball with your friends. Of course, you won’t be able to play in wet terrains that can make you slip. So instead, indoor paintball gaming is the best choice. But if you want to experience extreme paintball to the highest level, like when it’s snowing, then you can try playing paintball outdoors and see how it can change your overall experience!

The Limitations

As mentioned above, there are limitations when you play on either field. For example, when playing indoor paintball, you will not be able to enjoy a larger area with trees as a cover, and you can’t use the terrains to your advantage. On the other hand, outdoor paintball fields can be challenging if the weather is not pleasant. Of course, it will depend on the preference of the players as well. But they have their own advantages, which you will get to know in the future too.