Marketing Tips That Can Help Your Business

If you need some help with marketing your business, you can check out these helpful tips from Leapfrog Internet Marketing that you can follow today.

Get a Security Certificate

When you visit a site, you might notice a small lock symbol on the left-hand side of the screen. The lock symbolises security and is meant to let visitors know that the site is secure. If you do not have a security certificate for your site, you might not rank as well on Google because your site might not be safe for people to visit. You can talk to your internet service provider about getting the security certificate for your website.

Have a Mobile Version of Your Site

You should get help from a web developer with the creation of a mobile-friendly, responsive version of your site. The mobile version is easier for people to browse through when they are on tablets and phones.

Verify Your Facebook Page

Even if you have a business page on Facebook, it might not seem legitimate to other people if it is not verified. You can visit to work on getting your Facebook page verified to make it appear even more authentic to those who are checking your business out on social media.

Provide Contact Information

Include your contact information on your website and your social media accounts, including in your Instagram bio. The details that you should provide include the name of the business, the location of the business, the hours of operation, your email address, and a phone number that people can call when they have inquiries.

Complete Your Profiles on Social Media

While in a rush to make a business page on different social sites, you might not have completed your profile on some of these sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Log into your account, check your profile information, and add anything of importance if it is not already there.

Use Google Alerts

If you want to get news about the competition and industry trends, you can take advantage of Google Alerts. The service will let you know when specific topics or keywords are mentioned, which allows you to stay focused on keeping up with the trends and your competition because you want to get ahead of them instead of staying behind them.

Use Google My Business

Have you started using Google My Business? If not, you are missing out and should try to start using it as soon as you can. Use this feature to provide details about your business, get reviews from customers, and keep those customers updated on important information relating to your business. Not sure how to get started? Simply visit to begin working on your Google My Business page.

Decrease Loading Times

Find out if the pages of your website take a long time to load. If those pages are not loading quickly enough, figure out what you can do to get those pages to load a lot faster. Internet users are often turned off by pages that load too slow.

Find Ways to Talk About Your Business

Try talking about your business while also telling a compelling story that people can relate to. Let people know how you got your business started and what you plan to accomplish.

When you follow these marketing tips, you can get more traffic and more business.