Your Definitive Guide On Selecting Between Event Caterers!

People may not remember the decorations or venue, but they always smile thinking of good food served at an event. It goes without saying that selecting the right caterer for your event is important, regardless of whether it’s a corporate meeting or a party for the family. Below, we have a definitive guide on how you can select between Minneapolis event caterers like a pro!

Find more on specialization

What kind of catering does a service specialize in? The menu for corporate events would be different from that of a wedding. Also, only selected caterers specialize in things like kosher catering, gluten-free catering, and event like post-funeral gatherings. We would recommend that you decide between caterers based on what they can offer, and if they are open to the idea of catering for smaller events.

Discuss your requirements

It’s impossible to select a caterer based on estimates alone. You need to know if the concerned catering service fits the bill, and whether they can customize their services for your event. Many caterers prefer to offer fixed menus that you can choose from, while some may prefer what’s called the customized style, where they will arrange for things that clients request for, based om the sample menus. You should be able to have a fair discussion with the catering service, so don’t shy away from being specif

Get estimates

Once you have decided on the requirements, the next step is to ask for estimates. Pricing is definitely important, but it shouldn’t be the only aspect of selecting a catering service. Estimates are based on inclusions, and some caterers charge more because of reputation and experience alone. Remember that the food needs to be top notch, so don’t compromise on budget for that. To know what a catering service can really offer, you can insist on sampling too.

Ask around

How do you know if the catering company is good at presentation and service? A service that has been in the industry for more than a few years will never shy away from sharing references. You should also check for independent reviews online. Make sure that you ask them for pictures of the events they have managed and catered for, and call up a few clients to know about their experience.

Do check the estimate in detail, ensure that there are no hidden charges, and find the upfront amount that must be paid when you sign the contract.