Top 5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Event Menu

When it is about organizing an event, food is not the only important thing on your list. However, keep in mind that no one forgets a bad meal. Well, now if you are thinking that the caterer will look after it, then what about – unforeseen allergies and hidden costs?

No wonder, an efficient catering team will handle everything, but that doesn’t relieve you from your duties. Therefore, instead of going through the last minute stress, it is better you come up with a perfect menu. To help you out, here we have mentioned the top 5 tips on how to choose the perfect event menu.

These tips will not only help you decide a menu which everyone will cherish, but also help you find a reliable vendor, and work within the budget. So, let’s see how you can plan perfect catered Events in Minneapolis.

Tips to choose the perfect event menu

  • Focus on small details – Keep the details concerning your event handy. This includes – date, venue, number of guests, theme, etc. Your caterer can help you come up with some great food ideas if he/she knows these details.
  • Do your homework – Finding caterers are not at all difficult, but finding a good one definitely it. So, once you have a few catering companies short listed, start researching about them. Contact their previous clients or go through their online reviews. Also, ask them if they offer tasting facility.

  • Work within your budget – Labor and service charges are a few additional costs that catering companies collect from you. If you don’t want any headaches down the road, you better take a detailed quotation from the caterer. A profession will be able to give an estimated quote pretty quickly.
  • Think about all your guests – Most of the catering companies offer pretty flexible menus. So, take some time and think about your invitees and their preferences. For instance, if most of your invitees are fitness enthusiasts, they will prefer seafood or vegetarian menu better.
  • Give due importance to the entire event – Food is one aspect of your event, and that’s it. You have to give it importance, but then you have to think of other aspects too. If your event has to run as per a timeline, you better pick your menu accordingly. For instance, compare how much time will an event with buffet will take compared to the one with plated service.

Well, that is it. You have all the important points and facts cleared now. So, go ahead and figure out what will be the perfect menu for your event.