The Three Major Types Of Pianos

Planning to buy a piano from Greene Music for example, below are the three major types of piano that you should know about whwn buying.

The Electronic Piano:

Ideal for beginners on the piano, this one allows you to “tweak your fingers” with a softer touch, which is easier than on an acoustic piano.

This piano like piano consignment near me for example is removable, so it is easy to move it.

It’s ideal for students who change apartments often and beginners who still need to learn if they have the ambition to play at the highest level.

Last advantage: it is a great pacifying tool when you have neighbors or roommates. The electronic piano allows you to play with headphones anytime, even at night, without molesting those around you.

The Upright Piano:

It is the most widespread piano.

This instrument requires having acquired a certain level of practice.

Considering its weight (200-250 kg) and it is a real piece of furniture: think about where to put it because it is not very mobile.

A piano that offers a very beautiful sound

The Grand Piano

It is the luxury of the piano.

It brings a strong added value to the decoration of your home

It is an investment for life not to be taken lightly given its price (10,000 € for a used piano)

Finally, here are some instruments, from the piano for beginners to that for professionals, to see more clearly:

Where To Buy Your Piano?

On the Internet or in specialized shops, there are several ways to find out how to buy a good first piano!

This is the real question when it comes time to take action! The first instinct is to see the pianos in a music store in your city. This is an opportunity to try out the instrument, make a few piano chords, and benefit from the seller’s advice.

Buy A Used Piano

If you opt for a second-hand piano, the best option is to go to the second-hand departments of piano stores to benefit from a guarantee.

Going through an individual or a classified online ad requires more vigilance. Moreover, it is better to be surrounded by an expert in repair or sale who can detect a problem invisible to your neophyte eye.

Piano Stores

The advantage of choosing your piano in a music store is to try out several keyboards, compare, and generally benefit from a 3-year guarantee. Thus, you can test the mechanism of the keys, the sound, the pedals, the velocity… And find YOUR piano! On the other hand, it will be difficult or even impossible to negotiate the price displayed.

If you are not a connoisseur, think again about coming accompanied by your teacher, if he agrees, or an experienced pianist. His ear will be of good advice!