The Piano: A Musical Instrument That Is Good To Acquire

When you choose to buy a piano from musicexchange for example, you have to take your time. Buying an acoustic or digital piano is not a purchase you make compulsively, like when you suddenly crave chocolate. Indeed, beyond the fact that a piano is an instrument known by major brands, there are many models, depending on your budget.

From the lacquered piano to the mahogany piano, you have to go through several questions to choose a piano:

It is therefore understood quite quickly a piano sale is different from any other. This is why thinking about it in advance is always a good thing. But in reality, taking the time to lay the groundwork for five minutes, it seems obvious that buying a piano when looking for one is only a good idea.

Here Are Five Steps To Explain Why Buying A Piano Can Only Be A Good Investment

If you want to become a pianist from music store sacramento for example, move from jazz to classical music and get to know Chopin like the back of your hand, you need a piano at home. Between value for money, old piano or new pianos, and piano tuner, a brief overview of an important decision despite everything!

The Piano, A Complete Musical Instrument

King of the instruments of the conservatory and concerts, playing the piano has enormous benefits for the pianist at work and his daily social life. Thanks to a piano teacher, this allows him to work on his musical reflexes in the same way as harmonization or fingering. A complete instrument, in short!

Piano practice is a healthy, balanced, and rich instrument.

Playing the piano makes your whole body work: the ingredient for a healthy, happy and creative life?

Playing the piano also allows you to work on several parts of the body at the same time. And that goes for all brands. We will tell you everything!

The work of the head and hands to record and play a piano score

The brain, eyes, hands, feet, and posture (back and breathing): in front of the keyboard, the whole organism is at work. A real high-level sport, which is practiced not like a sprint but rather like a marathon: over time.

Because playing the piano is to call on all that is most visceral in us to bring out the hammers and the soundboard. This, therefore, requires concentration and the ability to focus only on your score and piano keys. Black, white, black, white, all for, in the end, seeing life in color!

But then, how is the whole body concretely put to the test? It is very simple :

The eyes read the piano score, then register it on the keyboard. Then, each note played by the hands is commanded by the brain and coordinated. The brain directs the fingers to execute. A real musical relationship is then woven between your members and, more generally, between you… and yourselves!

By repeating the technical exercises and the sequences of piano chords, the player teaches his brain to process a large amount of information simultaneously.

Playing the piano thus makes it possible to work memory, concentration, reflexes, and the analytical mind. Not to mention the musical ear, which, we hope, can be worked on from the first note! But if the piano does something well, it’s coordination!