Taking the Kids for A Symphony: Check This Guide!

Attending a symphony is every music lover’s dream. If you have experienced the music at an orchestra, you probably know that the experience is unlike listening to music at home. Most parents want kids to have some experience of live music, which can help in increasing the interest in classic music and related genres. Unfortunately, not all symphonies and venues are appreciative of having kids around. This is primarily because symphonies are more of an immersive experience, and the guests expect to have no disturbances during a performance.

The good news is you can find many concert venues, such as DSO kids, which have special event for kids. Here’s more on the things you must know before takin kids for a symphony.

Discuss with your kids

Every child is unique, so having a clear discussion with the kids before you book the tickets is necessary. A wise idea is to play something on your mobile. Check if your child takes interest in the music, and more importantly, if he/she remains seated and has attention on the right things. Instead of simply taking him for a heavy symphony concert, make sure to discuss his interest over pizza. Introducing the child to a longer music piece is a good way to understand his interests. The child should be guided on what is happy, cheerful music and how the note changes in a symphony impacts the audience.

Book your ticket in advance

Check online to find symphony concerts in your city and find those that are designed or planned for the entire family. It is also a wise idea to check the rules and regulations, because some concerts may mention that kids of certain age groups are not acceptable. We recommend that you book tickets in advance. Make sure that you find details related to the dress code and other aspects. If nothing is mentioned about the attire, you can choose to completely go for a formal look, which is acceptable. Tickets are available online these days, and if you really want the child to have a good experience, ensure that the seats are good.

You don’t have to be a fan of classical music to love symphonies. Just go ahead and let your child explore the experience, and if she likes it, you can always choose to get her enrolled for training. This could be different than just catching a movie at the near theatre.