Planning a Major Event for the First Time? Here are 3 Tips to Follow

This is finally the moment you have been waiting for… the big day. You have the perfect team ready, perfect event agenda set up and a lot of guests showing up. Now it is time to implement everything you have been working on to make sure that everything in the event goes smoothly. You want to do justice to the planning and organizing. Here is what to do when host a giant event in Minneapolis.

Prepare the venue

Before the guests show up, you need to keep the venue ready to welcome them. You don’t want to do things in the last moment in the middle of the event. Arrive early to the venue and get it ready.

Here is a list you can refer to:

  1. Place the furniture
  2. Decorate the venue
  3. Check the technical aspects if they are functioning
  4. Keep the stage ready and get all the technical aspects ready
  5. Ensure the caterers have arrived (if any) and began their preparations
  6. Make sure that the refreshments are set in place
  7. Install the necessary banners and materials provided by the sponsors
  8. Double check the safety and security arrangements
  9. Check the volunteers if they have been assigned duties
  10. Do a final walk before the first guests have arrived.

Adjust your performers or speakers

If your event depends on performers or speakers, ensure that you have people assigned for taking care of welcoming them and looking after their needs. You don’t want them to starve, confused or be thirsty about their roles in the event. Get a prep list ready from the performers with the must haves like equipment, props and other needs. Go through the list and ensure that you have everything. If you haven’t met them in person, then ensure to introduce yourself. Showcase your appreciation and make yourself approachable if they have any feedback or query.

Look after the guest registration

Have a team ready to look after the doors and take care of things like registering arrivals, ticket scanning, serving welcome drinks, giving out name tags and a lot more. Check your barcode and QR scanners are working fine. Always do a few test scans to make sure everything is in place. If you have a printed guest list ready and crossing people lists by hand, keep a track on how many people showed up and adjust your staffing on that basis.