Make Any Occasion Special by Opting for Bottle Service at Clubs

Bottle service is the new hype amongst people. It is relatively a new concept and many people have very limited knowledge about this. If you plan on celebrating New Year’s or surprise your loved ones with a bottle service, you might need to plan well in advance.

Be Prepared to Shell out Some Money

Bottle services do not come out cheap. Many of the club’s reserve this for their VIP guests. When you opt for a bottle service at a club, you are basically paying mixers that consist of orange, cranberry, lime, lemons and tonic water and even a bottle of champagne. In addition to this, you even have a dedicated person serving bottles at your table.

In order to get a table for bottle service, you need to book well in advance. Many of the top-notch clubs such as E11Even in Miami, Florida require you to complete their online reservation forms. You can choose from a variety of VIP options from their drop-down menu. If there is no booking, a staff member from their club will contact you for the same.

The cost for bottle services might vary from one club to another. The cost does not cover your taxes and tips. You need to pay extra for the same. While booking a bottle service, bear in mind to enquire with a few clubs to know the costs and then go with the one that best meets your budget.

Bottle services are a great option if you have a large crowd or an important occasion to celebrate. Weekday prices tend to be more economical than the weekend ones. If the club is an exclusive one, then the bottle service prices will definitely be high.

Table Service V/s Bottle Service

Many people often confuse table service with bottle service. There is basically a thin line of difference between them. Some of them include:

  • Table service refers to serving food and drinks at your table
  • This type of service is generally found in restaurants
  • Bottle service takes place only in nightclubs or bars
  • These types of services need to be planned well in advance and are not for the general public
  • When you opt for a bottle service, you need not have to wait in long queues and have direct entry into the nightclub


You need to opt for bottle service at least once in your lifetime to experience it. You not only get your private table, but you can also get to be in middle of all the excitement at the club.