Crucial Points To Consider Before Booking Your Event Venue

Organizing an event is not an easy task. Right from finalizing a date to making arrangements for entertainment, everything needs to be perfect. Now, you can go ahead and make the necessary arrangements, only once you have selected the venue. After all, finalizing venue is that one decision which affects the overall success of your event.

The size of the event, theme, seating arrangement, placement of food counters, entertainment options, etc. are all depended on the venue you select. So, to help get it right, here we have explained a few important points to consider. Besides, surely you must have heard about the Listening Room music venue. Nevertheless, if you haven’t, check it out today.

Points to consider while selecting your event venue

Size of the event

You certainly cannot squeeze in a 1000 people in a room of 500-person capacity. So, before you start going through the list of venues, finalize the size of your event.


The first and foremost thing to consider is the location of the venue. If most of the attendees of your event are living within the city, select a venue which is easily accessible. On the other hand, if attendees are travelling, pick a venue which is close to airport. Well, no matter what you select, don’t forget to consider, transportation and parking facility.


There are many facilities which you will need to carry out the event smoothly. This includes:

  • Availability of a kitchen to arrange food and beverages.
  • Clean tables, chairs and linens.
  • Proper audio-visual aids.
  • Support staff and clean-up crew

Ensure what all facilities are available at the venue before making the bookings. Don’t forget, getting everything that you need from outside, will simply increase the overall expense of your event.


Last but not the least, consider the interior décor of your venue. The style of architecture and the overall ambiance of the venue are very important to make your event a big hit. Besides, if the venue is not fitting with your event theme and style, you will end up spending more on the decorations.

Finally, to conclude it can be said that don’t delay the decision of finalizing a venue. As soon as your event size and budget is decided, start hunting for the right venue. It is ideal to start looking for a venue at least 3 to 4 months prior to your event. Give yourself enough time to short list a few options, go through venue brochures, and read online reviews of the venue.