Booking A Venue For Corporate Event In Greeneville: Things To Know!

Greeneville in Tennessee is famed for many things. From the historic Niswonger Performing Arts Center (NPAC) to Brights Zoo and The Capitol Theatre, the attractions are many. If yours is a small company in the town and wants to plan a corporate event, one of the first steps is to select the right venue. Many hotels in Greeneville TN have ready boardrooms and ballrooms, which can be selected for an event, based on requirements. Here is a guide on the things that must be checked before placing a booking.

  • The venue options. Hotels and banquets in Greeneville often have more than two or three venues to choose from. A smart idea would be to make a guest list in advance, so that you can shortlist the options. For instance, if it’s a corporate board meeting, you don’t need a venue larger than 300 square feet, while for big events, big ballrooms or a banquet hall is an absolute must.
  • Consider accommodation needs. If you have people and guests who would be coming to Greeneville from other cities and towns, accommodation is a must. In that case, it might be wise to look for hotels that have event venues, so that you don’t have to worry about transporting guests from their place of accommodation to the actual venue.
  • Check rooms. In case you are booking a hotel for the event, check their rooms. Make a list of important guests, or those who may need preferential treatment or special rooms, so that you can evaluate the options accordingly.


  • Compare the menu. Is this a lunch event? Or do you expect the event to continue all the way to dinner? The menu and catering services will take a large chunk of your budget, so check in advance. Typically, hotels in Greeneville have standard menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which can be discussed further and customized.
  • Get an estimate. Of course, the money does matter, and it is best to get an estimate from the shortlisted venues in advance. Corporate events, especially the ones that involve guests and attendees from other businesses and industries, are a matter of branding, and therefore, select a venue that stands for your company.

The good news is Greeneville has many choices, even thought this is not a super city. You will find hotels that can offer luxurious stay and incredible arrangements, for almost any event.