4 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Las Vegas Wedding Elopement

There are so many things you can experience when you plan a Las Vegas elopement for two. This article highlights the very common pitfalls every couple face when planning a Las Vegas wedding elopement. We always have the best intentions for you, and this article proves the same. Visit customlasvegasweddings.com for more.

  1. Scheduling multiple wedding events

Certainly, Las Vegas is an exciting place to get hitched at. It is also great that you have planned an event for each day for your guests to enjoy while they are in Sin City. But everyone needs to get some rest after such a grand ceremony. And most of all, among the guests, the betrothed couples are the most tired. So steer clear from over planning and opt for a relaxing wedding where everyone can enjoy.

  1. Not hosting a reception

Certainly, weddings are a costly affair. But if you have invited your guests to join you to your big day, the least you can do is organize a small cocktail reception for them. It seems very courteous. If you are very low on budget and want to host a small reception event, you can also order some affordable pizzas, and a few cases of beer. Albeit, this isn’t very classy, but far better than hosting nothing at all. Visit here for more budget saving tips for the Las Vegas elopement wedding https://customlasvegasweddings.com/how-a-vegas-wedding-budget-checklist-can-keep-you-from-losing-in-vegas/.

  1. Choosing the far away venues

You can either go downtown or Las Vegas desert elopement or the Strip. All these venues are located within 30 minutes of each other. But rather than choosing them all, limit the places to elope in Las Vegas you choose and find out what is near. The best decision is to choose your ceremony and reception to be celebrated at the same venue. If wanting different locations, you might want to look after the conveyance for every guest as well. You would also need to look after the schedule too.

  1. Choosing the wrong season

The traditional wedding months in the US are from May to August, except for Las Vegas. It becomes scorching hot as the places is developed on a desert and many vendors are not available for the same reason. You can save a fortune by holding your wedding in these months. But if you really insist on having the wedding in these months, try to organize an early evening wedding, keep it indoors and make yourself and the guests comfortable by all means.