2 Trickiest Hunger Games Merchandise You Must Never Miss Out On

The Hunger Games is a fantasy series on a futuristic dystopia where a dozen people are enslaved by a totalitarian government, and they have to keep striving in their own lavish and fictional lifestyles. The Capitol has control over the 12 districts by organizing an event known as The Hunger Games, where two tributes from each district participate to the death. This lethal contest is an entertainment for the Capitol and a reminder of the dirty power of the government, which is imposed on these districts.

The series has been successful, and every company is coming up with its own special Hunger Games product lines. The movie was quite dark, but some of its merchandise in the books were not acknowledged by the movie.

Don’t miss out on your favorite Hunger Games merchandise.

  1. Subway’s #SUBtractHUNGER campaign

During the release of Catching Fire, Subway began a promotion where you have to reach the nearest Subway location and take photos of the in-store cutout of Katniss and tweet the picture with hashtag #SUBtractHUNGER. It surely raised money where it was further donated to charity. Keeping aside the sandwich based puns, it is a good thing to raise money for the charities. But doing it with a campaign to increase social media presence to put the responsibility on the consumers to increase how much Subway donated could be quite questionable.

The campaign originated from a series that focused on emphasizing the evils of power abuse to generate acts of generosity, but why do something charitable if it is not giving you any raise in Twitter followers? To make this worse, the tagline of the campaign was: Subway: Where Victors Eat. It can be wrong to promote the brand where the child who survived other children by killing them is eating at Subway. Time to reconsider.

  1. Nerd Rebelle Toys

Hunger Games include scenes where the children survive by killing each other by using real weapons. And now, in reality, you can pretend to be those children by using the Nerd Rebelle toy. These toys were introduced when the first Hunger Games movie was released. Many companies have also released the bow and arrow toy. But it is a good thing that they have released toys for girls, which go beyond fashion and cooking. At the same time, you don’t want the girls to carry hunting toys around other children to promote the government overlord. Toys may not be as harmful to others, but Hunger Games books must clearly be read before designing toys around it.